KeyShot Vs. Norton Dominator SS KeyShot_Gold_1

Conner Hamilton-Smith - Root Solutions Ltd. June 2015

The following renderings are of Norton Motorcycles’ Dominator SS using Keyshot & PTC Creo 3.0

Norton_Dominator_SS.143_Norton"The model was imported into KeyShot from Creo Parametric using the new and improved KeyShot plugin for PTC Creo 3.0

As in previous versions, this plugin maintains all colour assignments and assembly structure while allowing you to select simplified representations and refine tessellation quality.

Export of mechanisms using .FRA files is accepted and through the plugin you may maintain a Live Link to the PTC Creo model to send geometry updates to KeyShot as needed.

This allowed for rapid application of materials and for seamless transitions between the 3D model in Creo and the KeyShot file. Once the materials had been applied, an appropriate environment was set in order to get the desired highlights and reflections on the bike before putting the back plate on.

In these cases the bike has been shown on a white background to emphasize the bikes finer details in greater clarity and focus, and also in a more realistic backdrop of a racetrack pit.

In order to make the bike fit into the background and for greater realism, some of KeyShot’ camera effects were set up. These included the bloom of the light bouncing off the bike and the focal field."

Luxion's KeyShot 6 is imminent, here are some of the enhancements we can expect.


  - Interior lighting mode 

  - Materials on labels

  - Material graph

  - Material animation

  - Geometry splitting

  - Realtime region render

  - Panorama camera animation

  - Shift lens with estimate vertical shift 

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